Integrated support from procurement to processing of paper and film

Okuda utilize a wide network not only in Japan but also Asian bases.
We have been working hard on the exploration and pursuit of technology for paper and film .
The history spans over 100 years.

We can solve customers' problems through processing technology,
such as material survey and procurement, slit processing and combination processing.
This is Okuda's forte.

If you have any problems with paper or film, please feel free to contact Okuda.

Company Profile

Company name Okuda Corporation
Date of foundingAugust 1904
Date of establishment December 1952
Capital JPY 50,000,000
PresidentShinya Okuda
Business content Developing and manufacturing of electronics industry related products.
Manufacturing of packing materials,
Processing of printed materials and industrial materials,
Manufacturing of bank-related products,
Manufacturing of service-related products such as transportation, etc.

Business Locations

Head Office

1000-50 Enmyou-Cho, Kashiwara-City, Osaka, 582-0027, Japan
TEL. +81-72-976-0551 FAX. 072-976-0441

Osaka Office

1000-50 Enmyou-Cho, Kashiwara-City, Osaka, 582-0027, Japan
TEL. +81-72-976-0661 FAX. 072-976-0441

Tokyo Office

Horikawa Bld.3 -floor B Room, 3-2-8 Higashikanda,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0031, Japan
TEL. +81-3-5821-2331 FAX. 03-5821-2335

Osaka Factory

1000-50 Enmyou-Cho, Kashiwara-City, Osaka, 582-0027, Japan
TEL. +81-72-976-0661 FAX. +81-72-976-0441

Hamamatsu Factory

1757 Mitori, Fukuroi City, Shizuoka, 437-0005, Japan
Factory-1:TEL. +81-538-49-0521 FAX. +81-538-49-0522
Factory-2:TEL. +81-538-49-1050 FAX. +81-538-49-0088

Group companies

OKUDA CORPORATION(THAILAND)LTD.(Manufacture and sales of functional paper and film)

Suite 0825 Level 8, 1-7 Zuellig House Building Silom Road, Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand

OKUDA CORPORATION (SHENZHEN)LTD.(Import and export of functional paper and film)

23,1301, West Block of Baihuo Plaza, No.3020 Shennan East Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen.

OKUDAPHILS CORPORATION(Manufacture and sales of functional paper and film)

Building R3-A, Lot 13, Phase 1B, First Philippine Industrial Park Special Economic Zone, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines

Forte of Okuda

Research and procurement capability

Utilize domestic and Asian bases to procure materials.

Development of original materials

Utilize other processing technology to combine different materials.

development of original materials

Processing technology

Slit processing, sheet cutting processing, carrier tape processing, etc.

Processing technology

Quality management

Full inspection system,Thorough management by clean room.

Quality management

Materials and products handled


・Kraft paper
・Kraft paper(With thread )
・Kraft insulating paper
・Kraft recycled paper
・Kraft intervening paper
・Coil insulating paper
・Insulating Paper
・Crepe paper
・Crepe paper(With thread )
・Crepe paper (Polyethylene laminated)
・Anti-corrosion paper
・Anti-corrosion crepe paper
・Cushion paper
・Neutral paper
・Non-combustible paper
・Waterproof paper
・Separator paper
・Paper carrier tape
・Japanese paper adhesive tape
・Kraft adhesive tape
・Kraft emboss paper
・PE cross kraft paper
・PE kraft paper
・Paper string


・PTFE film
・ETFE film
・FEP film
・Polyimide film
・PPS film
・PET film
・PP film (OPP,CPP)
・PS flim
・PE film (HDPE,LDPE)
・Nylon film
・EVA film
・EMMA film
・PET non-woven fabric
・PP non-woven fabric
・PPS non-woven fabric
・Fluorine rubber
・Silicon rubber
・Shrink film
・Adhesive film (Fluorine,PET,PP)
・PP split Yarn
・Yarn (Aramid,Nylon,PET,PP)
・Thread (Aramid,Nylon,PET,PP)
・Stretch film
・Bonding film
・Plastic cardboard
・Plastic palette
・Plastic core

Hybrid type

・AL/PET (Laminated)
・AL/PET/PE (Laminated)
・AL/PET/AL (Laminated)
・AL/PET/Kraft paper (Laminated)
・PET/AL/Kraft paper (Laminated)
・PET/non-woven fabric (Laminated)
・PVC/PET (Laminated)
・Heat-resistant release film with cushion function
・Heat-resistant release glass cloth (Fluorine)
・Heat-resistant release glass cloth adhesive sheet (Fluorine)
・Cushion board (Non-woven fabric )
・Heat-resistant cushion board (Rubber type)

Contact us

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